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John R. Williams and Associates, LLC, is dedicated to strong advocacy during controversial, complex or highly political legal conflict. Your rights are our priority.

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John R. Williams and Associates, LLC, has never shied away from challenge or controversy. Since defending members of the Black Panthers in the 1960s and 1970s, founding attorney John R. Williams set the tone for our years of practice. Our firm continues to grow under his guidance and leadership. Today, we adamantly defend the rights of the accused, the politically active and the mistreated.

Our past cases include high-profile cases and have been critical for long-term civil rights protections. Mr. Williams has represented individuals in controversial civil rights and criminal defense cases before Connecticut state and federal courts, as well as before the United States Supreme Court. Learn more about our extensive history and our contributions to the American legal system.

Is Your Employer Preventing You From Exercising Your First Amendment Rights?

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