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Protecting Your Civil Rights

At John R. Williams and Associates, LLC, we are strong advocates for our clients. Whether your civil rights have been violated on the job or during an arrest, you may pursue justice and due process. We will help you with that.

State and federal laws protect employees in private and public sector jobs from discrimination. Workers experiencing on-the-job discrimination may have a right to sue their employer for damages if they can prove their employer discriminated against them. Sometimes, employees find that their outside activities may get them in trouble at work. You have a right to freedom from discrimination at work, as well as to participate in free speech activities on your own time. If you are experiencing discrimination or believe your employer is violating your civil rights, call our firm. We can help you with a range of employment-related violations, including:

  • First amendment rights of government workers
  • Age discrimination
  • Sex or gender discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Sexual orientation discrimination

Was There Police Misconduct During Your Arrest?

The police often use intimidation tactics, harassment or excessive force under the guise of “upholding the law.” If you or someone you love has experienced a violation of civil rights during or after an arrest, you may have the right to sue. It is best to contact an experienced civil rights attorney as soon as possible after your arrest to preserve evidence and get witness statements. A lawsuit helps to prevent the same thing from happening to others in the community. At John R. Williams and Associates, LLC, our attorneys focus on litigating cases of:

  • Police brutality where an assault or other excessive force was used by the police
  • False arrests
  • Illegal search and seizures
  • Racial profiling

You Have Rights. We Will Help You Pursue Justice.

Call 203-562-9931 to schedule an appointment with an attorney who is not afraid to take your case to court to protect your civil rights. Our attorneys have a proven history of cutting-edge civil rights protection. You may also email us through our website to get started.